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About Us
Okachi Malaysia

Okachi (M) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1980 to cater to the expanding need by customers to seek access to Malaysian futures markets. Our experience, reliability and professionalism have made us into one of the leading futures broking houses in Malaysia and we are committed to the rapid changing requirements and aspirations of our valued customers.

Ever since our inception, we have actively provided services to broad-based professionals like multinational trading firms, hedgers and speculators.

Worldwide recognition of the Crude Palm Oil futures market has made Malaysia an increasingly important derivatives venue. Okachi's presence has also succeeded in promoting the Crude Palm Oil futures market to the outside world. We provide quality executions and clearing services to a very broad clientele around the world and locally.

Okachi in Malaysia is also a licensed firm to trade futures markets in the United States, United Kingdom and of course Japan.

[Malaysia]-BMD FCPO 2284.00 -12.00
[Malaysia]-BMD FKLI 1858.00 -8.00
[Japan] - TOCOM Rubber 208.00 +5.80
[Japan] -TOCOM Gold 4255.00 -21.00
[USA]-NYMEX Gold 12947.10 +11632.40
[USA] - NYMEX Crude Oil 97.88 -6.71
[USA]-CBOT Soybeans 1175.75 +1.00
[USA]-CBOT Soy Oil 35.45 -0.69
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22/05/2013 TOCOM Rubber today opened 286.8 below previous support level at 287.1. However, the prices did not drop much and buyer came in to push up the market on the expectation that Bank of Japan will maintain its easing plan. When the Bank of Japan affirmed a plan to double the monetary base over two years, TOCOM Rubber prices soared to 292.7. However, the prices are still trading between 294.4 and 286.6.
22/05/2013 FCPO advances to 5-week high on rising demand before Ramadan. In addition, decreasing stockpiles for the past 5 months to 1.84 million tons in May as demand outpace supply also help boost the prices. However, FCPO prices remain trading in range bound between 2200 to 2600. Therefore, in the immediate front, there is not big trend.
20/05/2013 Please refer to research report for FCPO and TOCOM Rubber market commentaries.
16/05/2013 TOCOM Rubber opened at 279.6 and broke previous day low to reach the low at 276.3. After that, the prices rallied to cover the gap between 282.6 - 280.4. The high of the day was 283.0. In the evening session of trading, the prices retraced down slightly but not able to break the low at 276.3. Prices established a higher low at 277.3. If prices are able to break today's high at 283.0 tomorrow, the market may rally to retest 299.0.
16/05/2013 FCPO today at 2297 and rallied to reach the high of 2324 before weakened slightly toward the close of the day. Resistance is currently at 2341 and support at 2277. On daily chart, prices have broken the sloping downward resistant trend line. Price action is establishing a higher low at 2277 from previous low at 2230, which means that the trend may temporary change to uptrend. However, we believe the market will continue to trade range bound in between 2600 to 2200 in the short term.
14/05/2013 TOCOM Rubber opened 292.1 and weakened slightly to 286.5 before close for the day at 287.8. With such a ferocious rally last week, the market is currently taking a breather. We believe the market will trade sideway in a zigzag pattern and such correction will take several days. The sideway movement will establish the new support and resistance levels where we believe the prices will start to trend again in the direction of the breakout either from the support or resistance level.
14/05/2013 FCPO opened slightly higher this morning at 2327 and immediately sell off to break yesterday low at 2301. With lower high at 2327 yesterday versus Monday's high at 2341, the trend is now down in the short term. We believe the prices may retrace down to 2285 to 2270 levels.
13/05/2013 TOCOM Rubber this morning opened higher at 298.0 and immediately weaken for the rest of the day. We believe the market is retracing back slightly to establish a higher low. Prices may trade sideway for the next few days before resume higher with a breakout on the upside from the consolidation.
09/05/2013 On the back of higher crude oil and copper prices, TOCOM Rubber opened higher today at 280.0 creating a gap between this morning opening and yesterday's high in the evening trading session. The prices reached 285.2 before before sellers came in to sell down the prices. Thus the market was able to cover the gap created this morning. This show weakness in the price action. We believe the upside is weakening. Current resistance is at 285.2 and thereafter at 290.0 where there existed a gap created on 12th March which is yet to be covered.
07/05/2013 TOCOM Rubber opened higher at 264.2 on the backdrop of higher copper and crude oil prices on Friday and Monday. The prices were able to retest the gap between 274.3 - 268.5 but were not able to fully close the gap. The gap acts as a resistance. If the resistance of the gap is broken the next level of resistance is at 280.8. At this point the Slow Stochastic is on the high side at 84 which justify a short position with stop loss lightly above the 280.8.
07/05/2013 FCPO opened at 2249 and so far has been trading in between 2266 and 2230 which is yesterday's high and low price. With strengthening Ringgit and expectation of higher production in Malaysia and Indonesia in the coming months, we anticipate the trend to remain down and any rebound in price action is an opportunity to take short positions.
26/04/2013 TOCOM Rubber opened higher this morning at 264.0 on the backdrop of stronger copper and crude oil prices. We believe the rally that started from 242.6 is a correction and that the larger trend remains down. Resistance is at the gap between 274.3 - 268.5. Support is at 248.3.
25/04/2013 FCPO prices opened higher at 2310 and traded sideway to slightly down in a corrective mode. We believe this is temporary and market will eventually trade higher.
24/04/2013 Today is the first day of trading in the October 2013 contract. The market opened higher at 253.7, traded sideway for several hours before trading higher on the back of weakening Yen and higher copper prices. Prices broke the resistance at 2525.0. The next level of resistance is 262.5 to 263.5.
19/04/2013 FCPO market has been trading sideway today making a zigzag corrective wave after the prices had rallied yesterday. The larger trend remains down. However, there is a good possibility that the prices may make one more high after current sideway correction toward the gap between 2336 to 2325.
19/04/2013 Since TOCOM Rubber prices touched the low are 242.6, prices have been trading higher in a zigzag fashion. We believe current price action is a corrective wave mode and the rally should not break previous resistance at 262.5. Support is at 242.6.
17/04/2013 FCPO today opened at 2307, traded sideway before starting to trade lower. Resistance is at 2315 and support at 2281. The larger trend remains down but we are concern that the current downtrend is a bit mature and that the market may pull back up to make a correction before resuming down.
17/04/2013 TOCOM Rubber opened 261.8 this morning and dropped to 251.2. With previous low at 247.0, market looks supported at this level. We believe the market may rally to retrace back up to make a larger zigzag correction toward the gap created on Monday morning (15th April). Traders can opt to buy slightly above the support at 247.0 with stop loss below 247.0.
16/04/2013 FCPO opened at 2288 and traded sideway to slightly upward. We anticipate the market to make a correction from oversold level. However the trend remain down and we recommend traders to sell near previous resistance level, i.e., at the gap between 2336 - 2325.
16/04/2013 TOCOM Rubber opened lower this morning at 249.3 and reached lowest level at 247.0 before started to rally. The market close at 257.3 (2:30pm Malaysian's time). Support is now at 247.0 and resistance at 263.5. Daily Japanese candlestick chart formed a 'doji' which means that the market is taking a breather from the current downtrend. Therefore we anticipate the market to trade sideway to slightly up in the next few trading days. We recommend traders to buy low at 250.0 to 252.0 levels with stop loss slightly below 247.0.
12/04/2013 According to The Rubber Economist, global rubber reserves are expected to increase to the highest level in 13 years as production exceeds demands through next year. \n\nThailand, Indonesia and Malaysia will conclude a three-day meeting over measure to support rubber prices.
12/04/2013 FCPO opened slightly higher today at 2367. As soon as the market opened, the prices traded lower. Support is at yesterday's low at 2340 and thereafter at 2335. If the prices can push above today opening and not break below 2340, there is a good probability that the market is a corrective wave up slightly before resuming downtrend.
12/04/2013 TOCOM Rubber opened this morning at 276.2 and started to trade slightly higher. However, such price action suggests that the market remain trading sideway in a corrective mode. Resistance is now at 281.0 and support at 274.0. If the prices cannot break above 280.8 and drop to break below the support at 274.0, then we can conclude that the trend is down.
11/04/2013 TOCOM Rubber opened 280.0 this morning, little changed from yesterday's close at 6 p.m. The market has been trading sideway within a narrow range. Resistance is currently at 285.0. At this point we believe the uptrend is mature, thus further upside is limited.
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